Clio Kill Black Pen Liner ♡

So let’s start!


As a girl who has used liquid eyeliner since a teenager I’ve come to find out what I like. I tend to focus on liquid PEN liners as they make it super easy for me to apply.


I used to use Clio Kill Black Pen Liner


Unfortunately, unlike my old pen liner it was not going on easily or smoothly.

I just kept making thicker and thicker lines… you know the ones that just keep getting thicker and thicker as you try and make them match and then the eyeliner starts to look like eye shadow and it’s a disaster?

That was me, I’ve heard a bad work woman blames her tools, but in this case I actually don’t think it was me, haha.

Because of this I would give it 2 stars out of 5!




2 thoughts on “Clio Kill Black Pen Liner ♡

  1. I know Clio does two types of pen liner – the brush pen and felt pen – and I love the brush pen! First time it was patchy but second time onwards it was amazing. I might try out these others when I run out but right now clio is my fave.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! ^^
      I only tried the pen liner as that was the one I had seen recommended.
      However, in my opinion the pen didn’t live up to the hype.
      I’ll definitely try the brush type if I can… just to see if it’s the application type or the formula!
      There are just so many on the market, haha.
      I’m happy that we can share what we like to help each other! 😊

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