White Blonde Hair Maintenance ♡

Hello everyone,

I have a free day after Chuseok so I’m probably going to update this blog with a couple of posts on the same day!

One product which is not from Korea, BUT I have been loving after a hiatus is Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo.


I have white blonde hair (completely dyed of course) and this is the only shampoo I use to keep on top of my hair going brassy.

The instructions state- ‘Use twice a week only.’ and it says that because it ACTUALLY WORKS! ^^

I can get this shampoo easily in the UK, however it is extremely difficult to get purple shampoo in Korea. This is because it is very hard for Korean people to achieve the lightest shade of blonde because their hair genetically is so dark.

Story Time- When I went to the hairdressers here to dye my hair she didn’t know how to dye my thin, dirty blonde hair so she used the same method she would use with Korean hair. Unfortunately Korean hair is the opposite of my hair and she ended up damaging my hair by bleaching it 4 times!

You can buy this shampoo on Amazon or if you are in the UK from any beauty store, like Superdrug or even from the supermarket, like Asda.

I would definitely recommend it if you can.♡

For me, 5 stars out of 5, but sorry it’s a UK product! >.<




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