Current Favourites Again ♡

Hello everyone,

I often get asked questions about which products I recommend; this can be from eye liner, to lip tints, to BB cushions.

Because of this I have a Current Favorites ♡ Page at the top of my page, which I am also going to post in this blog post… because who has the time to click a link at the top? (Am I right?) face-with-tears-of-joy


I am working my way through things slowly, however if you have a preference or have a yearning to buy a product I haven’t reviewed just let me know.

I run this site for you; I don’t make money from this or freebies,  I only want to help people that had no idea what to buy like me!ios_emoji_white_smiling_face.png

These are my current favourites, BUT may change as my makeup changes!

Emulsion- Missha all-round Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

Primer- Benefit The Porefessional

Concealer- A’Pieu Moist Creamy Concealer (on-line or at The Saem)

The Saem Cover perfection Tip Concealer

BB cream- CareZone Doctor Solution Nodenau Water BB Cream (Olive Young)

BB cushion- Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion

IOPE Air Cushion Moisture Lasting BB Cushion

Foundation- Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (& Concealer) (Korean department stores)

Eyeliner- Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (Olive Young)

Mascara- Heroine Makeup Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara (Olive Young)  %eb%8b%a4%ec%9a%b4%eb%a1%9c%eb%93%9c-1

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer Perfect Lash- mascara fixer

Eye shadow- Benefit World Famous Neutrals

Blusher- Too Cool for School Play Cheek Angel Blusher

Lip wear- Missha Water Full Lip Tint in Cherry Coke

Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint in Pink

Contour kit- Too Cool for School Artclass By Rodin Createur du contour

Thank you always for your support.





Care Zone Doctor Solution Nordenau Water BB Cream♡

Well isn’t that a name and a half?! face-with-tears-of-joy.png

Today I will be reviewing the Care Zone Doctor Solution Nordenau Water BB Cream which can be purchased from Olive Young in Korea!


This BB cream is a necessity in my make-up box, I love the texture and it’s affect on my skin. I have used it for around a year and a half after one of my favorite beauty bloggers  recommended it.

BB is short so Blemish Balm so I use it as a way to make my skin smooth and add a layer of cover over my concealer which can look patchy. The cream does a fantastic job as it gives my skin a lovely shine; the finish is a little dewy but in my opinion that makes my skin look healthy.

The coverage is okay… I wouldn’t say it’s super long lasting, but that is why I use it as a base. It moisturises my skin and then kind of disappears which exactly what I want as my foundation is obvious enough.

One of the negative points of this BB cream is that it comes in only one colour. So unfortunately if you have darker skin this BB cream will not be available to match your tone. However, for Asian and pale skin tones I have heard great things by everyone that wears it, as it blends in well with your skin colour.

This formula is specifically for DRY-TROUBLED skin, which is why I love it. I have dry sensitive skin, which tends to get angry when my hormones are playing up. However, people that have oily skin, unfortunately this might not be the best fit for you.

I still think the BB cream could be useful for people with oily- troubled skin as the dewy finish does fade throughout the day. However, because I have dry skin I can’t give you the best recommendation. I would say try it and see how it goes!

I love this BB cream and think it is one of the best creams out there (it does not come in a cushion form). However, because of it’s lack of longevity and one colour I can’t give it a perfect 5, I give it a 4.5 out of 5!



Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ♡


Yesterday my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask arrived in the post!

One thing about Korea is it sends things fast, I ordered it on Sunday and it came on Tuesday…


Here is the packaging, the company also sent me a little set to try which contained the Berry scent of the Lip Mask and the Water Sleeping Mask.

However, on to the review!

Laneige does this particular mask in 4 scents/flavors (Vanilla, Apple Lime, Berry and Grapefruit), before I ordered mine I went into the store to to pick my favourite and I fell in love with vanilla. However, the best seller is berry so if you’re unable to go and smell them it’s best to go with that!

It comes with a little instruction booklet with lots of different languages on it. Inside the pot is a thick cream which the instructions say to put a generous amount onto your lips, fall asleep and then wipe it off with a tissue in the morning.

Normally I cannot fall asleep with stuff on my face… but after a couple of minutes it didn’t even feel like anything was there!

After easily falling asleep I woke up this morning with  a terrible cold, HOWEVER my lips feel fantastic. They feel soft and kind of matt? I’d love to try lip tint or stick on top because I think it make a great primer.

I can understand the hype of the product, I probably wouldn’t use it every night? But I’m going to try it when I can feel my lips are becoming chapped and see if that helps.

Provisionally I would give this product 5 stars! It smells amazing and my lips feel fantastic.


But I will update this post when I use it on a chapped lips!

It’s Skin Babyface Oil Drop Tint ♡

Today I’ll be reviewing the new Babyface Oil Drop Tint from It’s Skin!


This lip tint currently comes in 3 colours; red, pink and orange. I picked up the red tint from my nearest It’s Skin to give it a try and tell you what I thought about it!

Oil tints are meant to be slightly more moisturisng than normal lip tints. I often complain that the only flaw of lip tints is that they are extremely drying. I hate having chapped lips and with it being winter in Korea this happens A LOT!

The Babyface Oil Drop Tint was better than other lip tints in this department. My lips didn’t feel as chapped after using it, which made me super happy. In addition the colour lasted a long time, not as long as the Banila Co. Lip Tint, but after several hours you could still tell I had used tint which I was loving.

The only downfall of this tint is that after several hours the tint pooled in the lines of my lips which caused a strange affect. The colour remained on my lips, but this pooling caused the lines in my lips to be an obvious deep red in comparison! It did look a little strange, which might be perfect for Halloween…but not quite normal for an ordinary day, haha. I think the only way to avoid this affect is to keep applying the tint, but that is too demanding for me and I’m scared the tint will just make the lines a deeper and deeper red.

A great, non-drying lip tint, which I would recommend to people that are okay with touching up often to avoid those dark lip lines.

That is why I would give this lip tint 4 stars!


EDIT- given this lip tint several more attempts and it has been getting worse and worse… it is not only going in the ceases of my lips but also darkening the chapped part of my lips… I had a meeting with my boyfriend’s family a day after I used the lip and my lips looked awful.

Demoting this from 4 stars to 0 stars and will be throwing out my lip tint.

Really unhappy with the this tint.


What’s next? ♡

Hey everyone!

After a very hectic overhaul I’m going to be back posting a review once or twice a week.
First, I wanted to see anyone had any preference about what a reviewed next?

Would you like any products in particular? (For example, a detailed review about a product on my ‘Current Favorites’ page?)

Or any specific type of product? (For example, a foundation, a mascara, a blusher, or a contour kit?)

Just let me know in the comments! (If no-one comments I’ll just pick randomly ^^)


showyourseoul ♡

New- Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint ♡

Now for my second lip tint review of today after my Missha Water Full Lip Tint; Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint.

This was recommended on a YouTube beauty account (will be disclosing later 😉 ) and I have managed to become obsessed with this particular lip tint.

I received it for Christmas and it is one of my favorite lip tints now.


There are 4 shades: red, orange, pale orange and pink. These colors are SUPER neon and give a VERY pigmented look. If you don’t like a vibrant colour on your lips then this tint is not for you.

I have the pink colour and as I say this colour is super bright; but it lasts a long time! Perfect for me who always forgets to touch up throughout the day.

There is an emulsion side and a gel side. The emulsion side gives a faint colour which is often used if you want an ombre lip style. The gel side is the lip tint, this can be used in the center for the ombre look or used like normal tint for a complete colour look.

The tint is slightly drying, but I think the only thing that isn’t drying my lips these days is sensitive lip balms! >.<

Therefore I would give this 5 STARS, even thought it is slightly drying the longevity of the tint is a clear winner for me.



Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam ♡

One of the last cleansing foams I will review is  Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam. This option is perfect for people that don’t like the feel of cleansing oil on your face!


I used this before I got into the Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (link provided).

This made my skin feel smooth however, it is a little harsher on the face. For this reason I think would be better for oily skin types. On my skin it dried it out slightly so if you have a dry complexion like me it might not work so well.

I still liked it, so I’ve kept it for when my cleansing oil runs out. Furthermore, it has multiple sizes so you can try the product first and if you like it buy a bigger size!

It is a really nice product with a nice smell and good foaming action. But because it can dry out your skin I would give it 4 stars!


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner ♡

Another eyeliner that I am trying is Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner bought at Olive Young.


I was in a rush to put it on the first time I used it, but it went on flawlessly. I only had to erase some mistakes I made because the tip was so thin.

The liquid didn’t smudge and held all day.

I am very impressed and would say this is a clear winner so far for me.

Once this is used up I will contine to update as I have been recommended to try- Holika Holika’s Wonder Drawing Eyeliner Pen, Missha’s Super Brush Pen Liner and Tony Moly’s Perfect Eyeliner!

If anyone has tried them, let me know. ^^

I would give it 4 stars out of 5


Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil ♡

Multiple posts coming at you today! ^^

To be honest, I told you I am no expert on the skin care routine, especially the many steps to look after your skin properly. As a girl that has SUPER sensitive skin, it kind of frazzles my head thinking about it.

I have tired numerous products though, some of which have caused a reaction on my face and others that have completely dried my skin out.

One I currently use is Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil after a friend recommended it to me:

unbenannt-1There are 3 different types of oil: Moisture, Mild and Perfect.

I use the Moisture Cleansing Oil and it feels really great on my skin. I chose Moisture because more often than not my face tends to get dry, so it needs all the moisture it can get!

It removes all my makeup apart from a little of my waterproof mascara. Therefore I follow up with a eye makeup remover.

I’ve never come up with a skin reaction and I’m really impressed with it!

I have used about 3 full containers of this oil and I would say it lasts about 3/4 months? I use 1 or 2 pumps on my hands and wipe my whole face.

This product is great if you fancy trying an oil remover so I would give it 5 stars!



White Blonde Hair Maintenance ♡

Hello everyone,

I have a free day after Chuseok so I’m probably going to update this blog with a couple of posts on the same day!

One product which is not from Korea, BUT I have been loving after a hiatus is Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo.


I have white blonde hair (completely dyed of course) and this is the only shampoo I use to keep on top of my hair going brassy.

The instructions state- ‘Use twice a week only.’ and it says that because it ACTUALLY WORKS! ^^

I can get this shampoo easily in the UK, however it is extremely difficult to get purple shampoo in Korea. This is because it is very hard for Korean people to achieve the lightest shade of blonde because their hair genetically is so dark.

Story Time- When I went to the hairdressers here to dye my hair she didn’t know how to dye my thin, dirty blonde hair so she used the same method she would use with Korean hair. Unfortunately Korean hair is the opposite of my hair and she ended up damaging my hair by bleaching it 4 times!

You can buy this shampoo on Amazon or if you are in the UK from any beauty store, like Superdrug or even from the supermarket, like Asda.

I would definitely recommend it if you can.♡

For me, 5 stars out of 5, but sorry it’s a UK product! >.<