Current Favourites Again ♡

Hello everyone,

I often get asked questions about which products I recommend; this can be from eye liner, to lip tints, to BB cushions.

Because of this I have a Current Favorites ♡ Page at the top of my page, which I am also going to post in this blog post… because who has the time to click a link at the top? (Am I right?) face-with-tears-of-joy


I am working my way through things slowly, however if you have a preference or have a yearning to buy a product I haven’t reviewed just let me know.

I run this site for you; I don’t make money from this or freebies,  I only want to help people that had no idea what to buy like me!ios_emoji_white_smiling_face.png

These are my current favourites, BUT may change as my makeup changes!

Emulsion- Missha all-round Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

Primer- Benefit The Porefessional

Concealer- A’Pieu Moist Creamy Concealer (on-line or at The Saem)

The Saem Cover perfection Tip Concealer

BB cream- CareZone Doctor Solution Nodenau Water BB Cream (Olive Young)

BB cushion- Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion

IOPE Air Cushion Moisture Lasting BB Cushion

Foundation- Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (& Concealer) (Korean department stores)

Eyeliner- Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (Olive Young)

Mascara- Heroine Makeup Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara (Olive Young)  %eb%8b%a4%ec%9a%b4%eb%a1%9c%eb%93%9c-1

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer Perfect Lash- mascara fixer

Eye shadow- Benefit World Famous Neutrals

Blusher- Too Cool for School Play Cheek Angel Blusher

Lip wear- Missha Water Full Lip Tint in Cherry Coke

Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint in Pink

Contour kit- Too Cool for School Artclass By Rodin Createur du contour

Thank you always for your support.





Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ♡


Yesterday my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask arrived in the post!

One thing about Korea is it sends things fast, I ordered it on Sunday and it came on Tuesday…


Here is the packaging, the company also sent me a little set to try which contained the Berry scent of the Lip Mask and the Water Sleeping Mask.

However, on to the review!

Laneige does this particular mask in 4 scents/flavors (Vanilla, Apple Lime, Berry and Grapefruit), before I ordered mine I went into the store to to pick my favourite and I fell in love with vanilla. However, the best seller is berry so if you’re unable to go and smell them it’s best to go with that!

It comes with a little instruction booklet with lots of different languages on it. Inside the pot is a thick cream which the instructions say to put a generous amount onto your lips, fall asleep and then wipe it off with a tissue in the morning.

Normally I cannot fall asleep with stuff on my face… but after a couple of minutes it didn’t even feel like anything was there!

After easily falling asleep I woke up this morning with  a terrible cold, HOWEVER my lips feel fantastic. They feel soft and kind of matt? I’d love to try lip tint or stick on top because I think it make a great primer.

I can understand the hype of the product, I probably wouldn’t use it every night? But I’m going to try it when I can feel my lips are becoming chapped and see if that helps.

Provisionally I would give this product 5 stars! It smells amazing and my lips feel fantastic.


But I will update this post when I use it on a chapped lips!

Current Favourites Page is OPEN! ♡

Hey guys,

I’ve just added a feature to the page that I hope you will like.

At the top (below the showyourseoul title) I have added a ‘Current Favourites ♡’ page!

This is a page with my current favorite beauty items which I have split into categories, for example: lip tints, BB cushions, mascara, concealers etc.

I’m hoping this helps people that are looking for specific products in South Korea.

Each product can be found in the named brand store here (for example Banila Co. can be found in the Banila Co. store), but if there is no brand store I have put in brackets where it can be found (for example A’Pieu don’t have a store but can be found in The Saem). I cannot guarantee everything will  be in every country, however there is a mix of Korean and Western products.

Reviews for each product will be coming later!

I hope it helps. ^^


showyourseoul ♡