Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ♡


Yesterday my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask arrived in the post!

One thing about Korea is it sends things fast, I ordered it on Sunday and it came on Tuesday…


Here is the packaging, the company also sent me a little set to try which contained the Berry scent of the Lip Mask and the Water Sleeping Mask.

However, on to the review!

Laneige does this particular mask in 4 scents/flavors (Vanilla, Apple Lime, Berry and Grapefruit), before I ordered mine I went into the store to to pick my favourite and I fell in love with vanilla. However, the best seller is berry so if you’re unable to go and smell them it’s best to go with that!

It comes with a little instruction booklet with lots of different languages on it. Inside the pot is a thick cream which the instructions say to put a generous amount onto your lips, fall asleep and then wipe it off with a tissue in the morning.

Normally I cannot fall asleep with stuff on my face… but after a couple of minutes it didn’t even feel like anything was there!

After easily falling asleep I woke up this morning with  a terrible cold, HOWEVER my lips feel fantastic. They feel soft and kind of matt? I’d love to try lip tint or stick on top because I think it make a great primer.

I can understand the hype of the product, I probably wouldn’t use it every night? But I’m going to try it when I can feel my lips are becoming chapped and see if that helps.

Provisionally I would give this product 5 stars! It smells amazing and my lips feel fantastic.


But I will update this post when I use it on a chapped lips!